Active health monitoring

Active health monitoring is when the College oversees a registrant’s health issue while the registrant is allowed to continue to practise.

How long can you be monitored for?

Active health monitoring typically lasts two to five years and involves recommendations of the care providers. The duration may be longer or indefinite with a progressive, intermittent or recurrent condition.

In the case of substance use disorders, health monitoring typically lasts five years. In the event to a relapse, this can continue for the remainder of the registrant’s professional career.

During active health monitoring

The monitored registrant is responsible for scheduling appointments at predetermined intervals with their care provider.

During this time, the College stays in touch with the care providers on the health and fitness to practise of the registrant.

The progress reports confirm whether the registrant:

  • continues to be a patient
  • is compliant with treatment recommendations
  • is compliant with biological monitoring (if applicable)
  • is fit to practise medicine

Care providers will indicate it in their report if the registrant has not seen them or if they have unsuccessfully attempted to schedule an appointment with the registrant. The health monitoring department will follow up with the monitored physician directly.

Before returning to work while being monitored

Before a registrant can return to work, the health monitoring department needs the following:

  • confirmation of fitness to practise from the care providers
  • consent to engage with the care providers for periodic reports confirming fitness to practise
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