Addressing a health concern

Assessing a registrant’s health condition

In order to ensure patient safety, the health monitoring department investigates any health concerns and takes appropriate action.

The following factors are taken into consideration when assessing a registrant’s health condition:

  • impact on fitness to practice
  • scope of practice
  • potential of future risk
  • input from treating physician(s)

Possible assessment outcomes

The following outcomes determine the course of action appropriate for the registrant.

The health condition does not impact the registrant’s fitness to practise. This may require confirmation from the registrant’s treating physician(s).

A registrant will enter health monitoring if it’s determined their health condition could impact their fitness to practise.

During health monitoring, a registrant’s treating physician(s) must provide regular progress reports confirming that the registrant:

  • continues to be a patient
  • is compliant with treatment recommendations
  • is compliant with biological monitoring (if applicable)
  • is fit to practise medicine

A registrant may have their licence status changed to temporarily inactive for health reasons. This is an absence from practice while they address their health issues.

Once a registrant is ready to return to practice they must

  • submit fitness to practise confirmation in writing from their treating physician(s), and
  • consent to possible health monitoring.
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