Answering the health question

How to answer the health question

Registrants must answer the question truthfully on the Annual Licence Renewal Form (ALRF). If a registrant answers in the affirmative, they will then be asked if their health condition has already been reported and/or has it worsened since last reported. They will then be provided a confidential text field where they can choose to add a comment.

What happens with the responses

Once a health issue has been disclosed on the ALRF, the registrant’s response will be forwarded to the health monitoring department.

The health monitoring department will then take one of the following actions:

  • review the registrant’s response and comments
  • potentially contact the registrant if the health issue is already known
  • if unaware of the health issue, may contact the registrant to discuss their health

Want to speak to the College?

If a registrant is unsure about their response to the ALRF, they may reach out to the health monitoring department at 604-773-7758 extension 2630.

The College’s health monitoring department holds all health information confidentially and handles the information with sensitivity.