Identifying a health concern

What is a health concern?

A health concern is a physical, cognitive or mental health condition which can include:

  • a condition affecting manual dexterity
  • a condition affecting visual acuity
  • cognitive impairment
  • mental health diagnosis
  • substance use disorder
  • blood-borne pathogens
  • any other health condition that might reasonably be expected to impact the practice of medicine

A medical practice can include clinical practice and direct patient contact, as well as research, teaching, administration and medical regulation. A health concern can begin to negatively impact your practice when it has the potential to cause harm to a patient or the public.

Reporting a health concern

Health concerns can be reported the following ways:

  • by phone at 604-733-7758 extension 2630
  • by email to
  • by confidential direct fax at 604-646-9110

When there is a health concern, the health monitoring department speaks with the affected registrant and their treating physician(s) to confirm the registrant’s fitness to practise.

The registrant may be asked to provide a letter from their treating physician(s), enter into health monitoring, or take time away while addressing their health issues.

Assessing a registrant's health condition and determining the next steps
How to self report or report a colleague
Alternate health assessment and conducting an independent medical evaluation