Returning to work after illness

Return to practice

Prior to returning to active practice, registrants must reach out to the health monitoring department to discuss their specific requirements, diagnosis and scope of practice.

Return-to-work plan

Registrants must construct a return-to-work plan and discuss it with their treating physician(s). The BC Physician Health Program can assist in developing this plan.

The plan should include the following:

  • a proposed start date
  • approximate number of hours worked per week
  • proposed practice setting

The plan may also include a proposal for how hours of work or duties might increase over time.

Fitness to practise confirmation

After a return-to-work plan has been discussed and approved, the treating physician(s) must forward a letter to the College confirming the registrant’s fitness to practise. This may include family physicians, psychiatrists and/or specialists who treated the registrant. The health monitoring department has template forms to be completed by those care providers. These reports must be current within three months.

Contact the health monitoring department for template forms

Reviewing the file

Once the required documentation has been received, the health monitoring department will review the registrant’s file. Depending on the diagnosis, additional documentation may be requested and an interview with the deputy registrar may be required.

Depending on how long they have been out of practice, the registrant may also need to contact the registration department to inquire about additional requirements such as:

Periodic reports confirming fitness to practise
Information and templates for treating physician(s)