Certificates of professional conduct

What is a certificate of professional conduct?

A certificate of professional conduct (CPC) is a professional document which confirms a registrant’s full registration history, credentials and standing with the College.

Request and consent for a CPC

Current and former registrants requesting a CPC from the College must complete the Consent for Certificate of Professional Conduct form.

Consent for Certificate of Professional Conduct

BC health authorities making direct requests to the College will be processed free of charge. For all other requests, a fee of C$105 ($100 fee plus $5 GST) will be charged to the registrant’s account.


Providing CPC for BC licensure application

In accordance with the College Bylaws, applicants for registration and licensure in British Columbia must provide CPCs from previous jurisdictions in which they have practised.

CPCs provide the following relevant information:

  • current registration and licensure status
  • registration history (e.g. when a registrant first gained registration with the College)
  • identifying information (including registrant’s full name, and MINC number)
  • if the registrant’s registration has ever been restricted, suspended or revoked
  • whether the registrant is currently the subject of an open complaint or has had previous disciplinary action
  • relevant information about registrant’s fitness to practice (e.g. if a registrant is currently in a health monitoring program or has any practice conditions/license limits)

College issued licence verification letter

Former and current registrants

Former and current registrants who require a letter confirming their licensure with the College for bank loan applications, insurance purposes, etc., may request a College-issued licence verification letter.

A fee of $52.50 will be applied to the registrant’s account.

Request licence verification letter from the College

Public members

Members of the public may require a College-issued licence verification letter to confirm the physician’s registration and licensure for various reasons (e.g. to support a public member's visa application, etc.)

To request a College-issued licence verification letter, contact cpc@cpsbc.ca.

Request licence verification letter from the College