Eligible physicians may be temporarily registered in the emergency class at the request of

  • the federal minister of health,
  • the provincial health officer, or
  • when the College determines there is an immediate need for medical services due to an actual or potential harm to public safety, health or welfare.

Types of registration

There are two classes of emergency registration:

  • emergency – family  
  • emergency – specialty

Eligible physicians can provide patient care in the province on a temporary basis to assist with a declared public health, health or welfare emergency. 


Unless waived by the College registrar, an applicant must meet the following eligibility requirements to be granted registration in the emergency – family or emergency – specialty class:

  • be registered and practising medicine in another Canadian jurisdiction, in the United States, or in another jurisdiction acceptable to the College
  • provide a certificate of professional conduct from the licensing body of the jurisdiction in which they currently practice confirming good standing in that jurisdiction
  • provide proof of identification

Registration in the emergency class will be immediately cancelled on a date determined by the College.

How to apply

During a public safety, health or welfare emergency, physicians are advised to check this web page for emergency-specific information on how to apply for licensure.

Maintaining the licence

Emergency licensure is enacted following the declaration of a public health, health or welfare emergency. Licensure will only be extended while an immediate need for medical services exists.

Learn more about the policies that the Registration Committee uses to consider applications