Associate physician

The associate physician class of licensure permits a physician with medical training, acceptable to the College, who is not eligible for any other class of registration to work under supervision in accredited structured team-based care.

Associate physicians in community primary care

The Ministry of Health is working with the College and health system partners to develop a structure that enables associate physicians to work in community primary care settings.

As this is a new classification, considerable planning is required to ensure appropriate and safe integration of associate physicians into community primary care settings. This includes establishing an employment and compensation model as well as a regulatory framework with supporting policies on clinical supervision. It is vital that policies and processes are in place to protect both the health and safety of patients, and ensure associate physicians are supported in their work to deliver quality medical care to British Columbians.

Health Match BC

Health Match BC is a free health professional recruitment service funded by the Government of BC.

Interested applicants are encouraged to engage with Health Match BC for support on:

  • navigating the pathway to practise medicine in the province
  • understanding the licensing and registration process
  • matching physicians’ skills and interests to opportunities throughout BC

Contact Health Match BC for more information.