Licence renewal

What is licence renewal?

All registrants of the College must complete the Annual Licence Renewal Form (ALRF) and pay a renewal fee each year.

The College expects the registrant to complete the licence renewal process personally. It is not acceptable for registrants to ask a medical office assistant, spouse or partner to complete the form on their behalf.

Registrants who neglect to renew their licence by the February 28/29 deadline are subject to penalties and may have their registration suspended. Physicians cannot practise medicine, prescribe or charge for services rendered without being registered with the College.

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Important dates to note

January 1 Start of annual licence renewal season
February 28/29 Deadline to complete the Annual Licence Renewal Form and payment of fees
March 1 Penalties applied for late licence renewal or late payment of fees
April 1 Suspension for non-renewal of licensure or non-payment of fees