Taking time away

Temporarily inactive status

Registrants may wish to take time away from their practice in British Columbia.

If a physician or surgeon has a temporarily inactive status, they cannot actively practice medicine in BC, including providing clinical care, prescribing drugs, or billing the Medical Services Plan.

Requests for a change to temporarily inactive status are not granted for leaves for humanitarian aid work.

Registrants may need to take time away from work for health reasons at some point during their career.

Learn more about taking health leave

Registrants transitioned to temporarily inactive – parental leave may be eligible for a waiver or a pro-rated refund of their annual licence renewal fees minus a processing fee.

Registrants are not required to inform the College they are taking parental leave. However, registrants who choose not to change their status to temporarily inactive – parental leave are not eligible for a refund or exemption from paying licensure fees.

Complete and submit the form to registration@cpsbc.ca at least two weeks prior to the start of the leave period.

Parental leave of absence form

Parental leave - return to work form

Out of province status

Registrants who are not actively practising in BC or who are relocating to another province, territory or country, for more than two months and want to maintain their licence in BC, should email the College to change their status to out of province.

Email notification to the College

Postgraduate study outside of BC

Registrants of the College may temporarily relocate to another province, territory or country to complete a period of formal postgraduate training.

They may be eligible for a pro-rated refund of annual licensure fees if they intend to temporarily cease practice in BC during this time. Eligible registrants can make a refund request by email and include a letter from their program director confirming the details of their training.

Email for pro-rated refund