Duplicate prescription pad FAQ

Are Controlled Prescription Program prescription forms the same as duplicate prescription pads?

Yes, they are the same. The duplicate prescription pads have additional security measures to prevent forgeries.

Historically, they were also known as:

  • triplicate prescription forms
  • triplicate prescriptions
  • harmonized prescription pads
  • controlled prescription pads
  • CPP sheets

Order and delivery

Order through your College account

If you are a physician, you can order duplicate prescriptions pads through your College account.

Order online (login required)

Order through PDF form and email

Alternatively, you can order duplicate prescription pads by email, without having to log in to your College account.

Primary workplace

You can specify the address you want the package to be delivered to. The duplicate prescription pads should be delivered to the workplace where you primarily use the pads.

A medical office assistant or other clinic staff member may sign for the delivery as long as they are aware that the pads must be appropriately stored in a secure, locked area immediately upon arrival.

Home address is an option, so long as it is listed in your College profile

Duplicate prescription pads can be delivered to your home address only if the home address is listed in your College profile.

We do not deliver to addresses outside of BC.

You will get a confirmation email

If you submit the order through your College account, you will receive a confirmation email once the drug programs have successfully received the order. 

If you submit the order through PDF form and email, you will receive an automated email reply confirming your order.

There is no confirmation correspondence available for fax and mail orders.

If you did not receive the confirmation email or the automated email reply, try resubmitting the order.

Contact the drug programs at rxpads@cpsbc.ca or 604-773-7758 extension 2629 to confirm the status of your order.

Orders may take up to three (3) weeks to process and deliver.

If you have not received your pads within three weeks of ordering, confirm with your clinic staff whether your pads were delivered. Double-check the address on the order form and that it matches your contact information.

To make an inquiry. contact the drug programs at rxpads@cpsbc.ca or 604-773-7758 extension 2629.

Canada Post

The package is delivered by Canada Post, direct from the printer to the specified address.

If you are not there to receive the order, arrange pick up within 10 business days

Canada Post will leave a delivery notice card if there is no answer at the door. Ensure you personally pick up your package at the post office location listed on the delivery notice card.

If the package is unclaimed for 10 business days, the package will be returned to the College. Drug programs staff will contact you to organize delivery.

If the order is not delivered within three weeks of ordering

If you have not received your pads within three weeks of ordering, contact the drug programs at rxpads@cpsbc.ca or 604-773-7758 extension 2629.

How to use the prescription pads

Write "SA" on the duplicate prescription script

Prescribers are encouraged to add “SA” (safer alternative) in the “Directions for Use” section on the duplicate prescription pad.

duplicate prescription pad marked with safer alternative


Writing this code enables the pharmacist to enter this information into the PharmaNet database

Code tracking on the Pharmanet database assists the MoH, MMHA, and partners, such as the BC Centre on Substance Use and the BC Centre for Disease Control, to conduct research. The information helps gauge the effects of safer supply, modify treatment programs, assess resource allocation needs, and to construct sound clinical practice guidelines.

Prescribed safer supply is an evolving practice. Learn more about your role as a prescriber in the management of substance use disorder.

The "blue/yellow patient copy" or the identical copy of the original duplicate prescription should not be left in the prescription pad. It must be stored separately with the patient's medical record and produced when required.

Paper medical records

If you maintain paper medical records, safeguard the blue/yellow patient copy with the patient's medical record for a period of 16 years.

Electronic medical records (EMR)

If you use EMR systems,

  • scan the blue/yellow copy of the prescription as an attached image to the patient's electronic record, or
  • scan the identical copy of the original prescription into the EMR and link to the patient's electronic record.
You may continue using the same pad

Manually cross out the old address, and write your new clinic address (a clinic stamp is acceptable).

You must keep your contact information current for pharmacy verification purposes and inquiries.

Note: If you choose to order new pads with your new address, you must securely dispose of the old pads.

Some situations when you need to dispose unused pads include:

  • relocating your practice outside of BC
  • changing your registration class to non-practising
  • resigning or retiring from practice in BC
  • instructed by drug programs staff
How to securely dispose unused pads by yourself

Contact the drug programs with the folio numbers. The folio number is used to track the pads. The staff will void the folio numbers in the system and remove the tracking.

Before disposing the unused pads, ensure any used blue/yellow patient copies are removed and stored with the patient health record or scanned into the EMR system.

Securely shred unused pads or place them into a confidential shredding service bin.

Dispose unused pads through the College

Alternatively, you may use registered mail (with tracking) to return the unused pads to the College for secure destruction:

College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC
300–669 Howe Street
Vancouver BC  V6C 0B4 Canada