Recommended training in reprocessing

Current standards require that all employees who have responsibility for reprocessing have completed education and training in reprocessing. 

Online education

Physicians and staff responsible for medical device reprocessing (MDR) must ensure safe and effective MDR practices.

Reprocessing in Community Health Care Settings

Organization: Public Health Ontario
Curriculum: 9 modules
Estimated completion time: 2-4 hours total

Topics covered:

  •  general concepts in reprocessing
  •  information and skills for safely reprocessing reusable medical equipment/devices
  •  information related to the importance of following best practices and the consequences of inadequate reprocessing
  • best practices in reprocessing

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Medical Device Reprocessing in Community Health Care Settings

Organization: CSA Group
Curriculum: 1 module (core)
Estimated completion time: 11 hours

Topics covered:

  • basic IPAC principles and semi-critical and critical medical device reprocessing
  • hands-on skills to increase the effectiveness of your reprocessing procedures
  • theory of decontamination
  • basic concepts of patient safety

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POMDRA educational videos

How to use a biological indicator test

Using a biological indicator test for the first time can be confusing. We have a short video to help our registrants and their clinic staff understand these important tests.

Record keeping for sterilization

Sterilization record keeping is a vital quality assurance tool for medical device reprocessing. Complete records help address any kind of sterilization failure.

Watch our POMDRA Record Keeping for Steam Sterilization video for helpful advice on current record keeping requirements.

Developing policies and procedures for steam sterilization failure and recall

As POMDRA continues to work closely with community-based physician offices, many have requested support in the development of load records and policies.

POMDRA has developed sample documents which clinics can use when developing their own policies and procedures for steam sterilization failure and recall.

Sterilization load record samples

Steam sterilization failure and recall samples