Medical device reprocessing standards

POMDRA is based on current national and provincial best practices standards and guidelines.

Provincial best practices and standards

BC Ministry of Health

Community-based registrants who have reusable semi-critical and/or critical medical devices in their practice should be following the BC Ministry of Health’s Best Practice Guidelines for Cleaning, Disinfection, and Sterilization of Critical and Semi-Critical Medical Devices. The document describes the requirements, methods and steps to reprocess soiled/used reusable semi-critical and/or critical medical devices so that they are safe to use again.

Best practices in the BC guidelines form the basis for POMDRA assessment standards.

The BC guidelines are based on national standards established by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). The guidelines are consistent with, or exceeds, recommendations from the Public Health Agenda of Canada (PHAC).

Download BC best practice guidelines

National best practices and standards

Canadian Standard Association (CSA)

The CSA is a national standard writing organization consisting of infection control, medical and industry experts. These experts meet regularly to create and revise standards of practice for medical device reprocessing in hospital, clinic and community settings.

The current most applicable document standard on medical device reprocessing is CAN/CSA 314-18.

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Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Canada

IPAC Canada is a multidisciplinary member-based association committed to public wellness and safety. IPAC advocates for best practices in infection prevention and control in all settings. IPAC Canada provides communication and education for those involved in infection control activities, including medical device reprocessing. Its goal is to prevent infections in order to improve patient care, and staff health in hospitals, other health-care facilities and the community.

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