Physician Practice Enhancement Program (PPEP)

The PPEP is a collegial program that provides feedback on registrants’ clinical practice and guidance on opportunities to improve.

To ensure safe, competent, and ethical care for patients, all BC registrants who provide community-based care in private offices or multi-registrant clinics, or who work as locums, will participate in assessments of the PPEP at some point in their career.

Why participation is required

In BC, an assessment of a registrant's professional performance is mandated under the authority of the Health Professions Act, and section 9-1 of the Bylaws made under the Act. 

Community-based physicians and podiatric surgeons may be required to participate in an assessment or multiple assessments.

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Multi-source feedback, prescribing profile review, chart review, peer interview
Professional development activities, self-reflection
Infection prevention and control, reprocessing reusable critical and semi-critical medical devices

Guided by a committee

The PPEP is guided by a panel of the Quality Assurance Committee, which is a statutory committee that reports to the Board.

The Quality Assurance Committee performs the following functions as set out in section 1-19 of the Bylaws under the Act:

  • Reviews and promotes high standards of practice
  • Assesses professional performance
  • Recommends mandatory continuing education to the Board

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Aligns with the College's strategic pillars

The PPEP aligns with the College’s strategic plan and prioritizes strategic pillars:

  • continuous quality improvement
  • cultural safety and humility
  • engagement and regulatory innovation

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