PPEP standards and resources

Assessment standards

The Physician Practice Enhancement Program (PPEP) develops assessment standards that provide practice recommendations and requirements on key areas that impact clinical practice in the community-based setting. They cover topics related to clinical practice, patient and staff safety, and guide the office and registrant assessments. They are based on provincial and national standards.

The PPEP assessment standards are not the same as College practice standards. College practice standards reflect the minimum standard of professional behaviour and ethical conduct expected of all registrants on a specific topic or issue.

The assessment standards apply to all registrants practising in community-based offices, including:

  • private offices/solo practices
  • walk-in clinics
  • urgent-care clinics
  • multi-registrant clinics
Review the relevant assessment standards as a self-reflective exercise

Proactive review of the clinical practice can help identify deficiencies and opportunities for practice improvement.

Peer assessment standards

Office assessment standards