PPEP assessments

Quality improvement approach

All registrants strive to provide the highest quality care to their patients; nevertheless, it's always possible to improve quality.

A quality improvement approach does not remove the need for quality assurance. Quality assurance establishes that a registrant’s performance meets a standard that ensures patient safety. Quality improvement is a framework to systematically enhance registrant performance in providing quality care. Together, quality improvement and quality assurance lead to safe, effective health care. 

Office assessment

The office assessment is a review of key areas of a registrant’s community-based office to ensure that it is compliant with College practice standards, professional guidelines, and the PPEP assessment standards. It is not a review of the individual registrants who work there.

Key areas of an office assessment include reviewing:

  • operational office components
  • vaccines/medications/controlled drugs
  • emergency preparedness
  • infection prevention and control
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Assessment process

Offices are selected through:

  • the annual licence renewal form
  • a peer assessor referral
  • a medical device reprocessing assessor referral
  • random selection

The College coordinates with the

  • medical director of a multi-registrant practice, or
  • registrant of a solo practice.

The assessment is completed remotely through

  • submitting photos,
  • completing an office assessment questionnaire

This step is completed remotely through describing and demonstrating any required changes through an action plan.

PPEP evaluation and development

Program evaluation provides information on the effectiveness, efficiency, and impact of a program, enabling informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

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