PPEP assessors conduct assessments to ensure physicians in BC are meeting an acceptable standard of practice. Guided by the program's quality improvement framework, assessors offer collegial support and may suggest opportunities to assist with physicians' professional development.

Who are our assessors?

Our assessors have completed an assessor training workshop, hold full licensure and are in good standing with the College.

They have previously undergone a physician assessment and were recognized for providing excellent patient care. They actively practise medicine in rural and urban areas throughout BC. They have varied scopes, ages and backgrounds.

What assessors do

Assessors provide feedback to physicians on the four physician assessment components:

  • multi-source feedback
  • practitioner prescription profile
  • peer practice assessment
  • physician interview

During the assessment process, assessors are:

  • guided by the College’s practice standards and professional guidelines
  • guided by the PPEP assessment standards
  • provided a copy of the Peer Assessor Guide to follow throughout the assessment process
  • supplied with report templates to ensure all physicians are evaluated using the same standard criteria

Ongoing development

The PPEP is committed to providing our assessors an environment of continuous quality improvement and ongoing professional development.

The program hosts an annual educational conference, where assessors can:

  • share experiences
  • network
  • provide input into future program improvements

Assessors also meet several times throughout the year in smaller community groups to discuss various program related topics.   

Feedback reports

Assessors receive individualized feedback reports each year on their performance. Feedback reports include comments from assessment surveys completed by physicians they have assessed.