Physician assessments

A physician may be contacted by the Physician Practice Enhancement Program (PPEP) to participate in a physician assessment. This is to ensure physicians continue to provide safe, competent and ethical care for patients.

Selection process

All physicians who actively provide community-based care in BC are required to participate in a physician assessment when selected.

Random selection

Physicians who practise community-based medicine may be randomly selected to participate in an assessment.

Physicians may be deemed eligible to undergo a physician assessment by the program if they

  • have their own practice,
  • work at a multi-physician or multi-disciplinary clinic, or
  • perform long- and short-term locums.

Clinic-based selection

If a physician identifies a multi-physician clinic as their place of practice, all of the other physicians working at that clinic may be contacted to collectively participate in physician assessments.

This allows assessors to evaluate whether there are any systemic issues at a particular clinic.

Risk-prioritized selection

Physicians who work in solo practice, or are 70 years or older, are prioritized to participate in a physician assessment.

  • Physicians under 70 years old may be assessed periodically every one to ten years.
  • Physicians over the age of 70 may be assessed every three to five years.

The frequency of assessments is established by the Physician Practice Enhancement Panel of the Quality Assurance Committee.

Proactive self-selection

A physician may proactively contact the PPEP and request to participate in an assessment.

How it works

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Continuous improvement

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